My Name is

Hsin Chih

Education Background

Fuhua Primary School

School Logo

Fuhua primary was the first school that I entered in Singapore, it was the school that I learned the basic of english from.

Hong Kah Secondary School

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Hong Kah sec was the place where I became more mischevious. I had more disciplinary cases and wasn't a very hardworking Student and always did not had the motivation to study which led me into ITE.


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As much as ITE was known as the "It's The End" for many. I didn't wanted to end my education with a Nitec certificate. That then gave me the motivation to study and work harder for my results which I then got a GPA of 4.0 in my year 2 and had the opportunity to enter Singapore Poly.

Singapore Polytechnic

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The jump from ITE to SP is quite significant, with more work and projects coming in, I have lesser time to cycle but at least I have learned to prioritise what is important, which I am proud of myself.